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An interesting editing tool to remove unwanted elements from your photographs
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Photo Scissors Pilot is an interesting and novel utility that allows you not only to perform standard resizing tasks to your images, but also to remove unwanted or unnecessary elements from them while changing the image’s spacing accordingly. Thus, instead of simply covering the unwanted object with pixels that resemble those around it, the program cuts out the object or person in question and resizes the image and its spacing to fit the new situation.

Photo Scissors Pilot performs three basic functions – object removal, space changing, and object patching. The third one is the most widely used method in object removal – just select the object you wish to get rid of (usually small objects or blemishes), and patch it with another section of the image that matches the original background, thus making the offending artifact to “disappear”. The other two functions perform very different actions.

Smart Remove, on one hand, allows you to select any object or artifact in the photograph and make it vanish together with everything around it. The program will rearrange automatically all the other objects and the background in the image to fit its new configuration – if you remove a person from a picture, everything that was visible in the background behind that person will also go. Obviously, this removal process also implies a certain level of resizing.

Smart Resize, on the other hand, allows you to stretch or shrink your images with a minimum of distortion by rearranging the spacing between the different objects. Here you have the possibility of selecting specific areas and leave them out of the resizing process. Note, however, that whenever you use this option a higher level of distortion is likely to appear.

Either way, the results will always surprise you – you can use this tool not only to enhance your photographs, but also to apply funny effects to them (distortion, when wisely used, can also be funny).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Installs as a plug-in in popular graphical editors (Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, etc.)
  • Allows you to choose the direction (horizontal/vertical) in object removal tasks
  • Easy area selection process
  • Fast processing


  • Some distortion occurs in certain instances
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